New rented houses in “Agios Georgios”, Antiparos

New rented houses in “Agios Georgios”, Antiparos

Project Description

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In the location “Agios Georgios” in Antiparos, on the plot 10 of the No. 2 Building Square, the owners XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, wish the erection of three new houses of 100 square meters each, using rented rooms, of the total investment, to a subsidized tourism-funded program. The construction will take place on a plot of land of 1036,10 square meters as it is depicted in the April 2017 Topographic Chart accompanying the present. The terms and building restrictions of Housing are described in the Presidential Decree. 02-06-1976 (FEK209Δ / 1976); 14-11-1977 (FEK460Δ / 1977) as amended by the Presidential Decree of 23-09-2011. (Government Gazette 266AAP / 2011). For the realization of the Project will be prepared by the company “Business Development” an econometric study which will be submitted for financing in the respective available open NSRF or Development Law program. The above study will include, in its final stage, a set of Technical Studies, a timetable (analytical and milestone plan), Analytical Expenditure Budget, as well as financial data and indicators for the investment to be funded. Initially, it should include a Project Description, Milestone Plan & Cost Plan. In addition, the construction will be approved by the competent Y.DOM. Naxos with Building Authorization and Building Permit, which will include all the studies, plans, budgets and supporting documents required in accordance with N4030 / 11, N4067 / 2012 and Ministerial Decision 7533 / 13-02-2012 (Government Gazette 251B / 2012). In order to be an independent legal entity to be funded, an economic unit in the form of a Tourist Company will be set up.


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