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Through the involvement in a group of “citizens in action” in Elefsina City, the idea of re-operating the abandoned railway track, Larissis station to Megara station, was born. The railway track could carry a Light Rail or a Light Rail Transit (LRT). LRT is an urban public transport mean which can be used on a railway track, like a Tram but with higher capacity and velocity although less from an suburban train. LRT often moves on an exclusive railway track but can also move on a mixed track while crossing the center of the town.

The project in order to be feasible must reach the standards of sustainability through a holistic approach using a feasibility study and a Business Plan. Cost matters, financial and legal matters, operational management issues must be solved out in order to forward to the next step of planning the project. A premeditated transport study must fill the feasibility study in order to reveal concealed construction costs which may appear at the construction phase. All the above data will be the input to the final Business Plan in order to decide whether the project is feasible or not.


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